How to Edit DLL File: Extremely Easy Ways

How to Edit DLL File in extremely easy ways? Microsoft gives different explanations on how to edit DLL files. DLL is a file that contains codes that can function with other applications or another DLL. The use of DLLs by Programmers provides reusable codes to work on different jobs. You cannot run a DLL directly like other files like executable (EXE) files. You call DLLs from existing codes that it is already executing. Before we get into the details of how to edit DLL files, you can also learn how to Open DLL File for future use.

How to Edit DLL Files

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When to edit DLL file

Editing a DLL file is hectic because they are written in various languages. You require some computer skills to publish it. These are the reasons you may opt to edit a DLL file

  • Edit a DLL file to carry out a different function than the one intended
  • You can edit a DLL to get icons from it
  • You can reverse engineer a program
  • Edit a DLL to explore its contents

The reasons above might not be enough to modify a DLL file, don’t do it by yourself but ask for help from a professional or technician. If you are new with computers, use a DLL file editor. 

How to do the editing

Edit DLL files with a DLL editor, which is freeware or a DLL resource editor. We recommend that you use a “Resource Hacker” which is a trusted freeware for editing DLL files. Download this editing tool from the internet and edit your DLL file following the steps below

  1. Open Visual Studio then click on the record. 
  2. Fetch the .dll file or .exe file you intend to make changes on and select Open
  3. The screen that opens has all the resources offered by the tool. 
  4. Edit your DLL file and save it in your preferred location. 

Note: Before you edit your DLL file, take note that you might not be able to recover the original data exactly as it was before editing. You might find that the edited DLL has errors when you use it to run a program, so take your time before editing it before you modify a particular Save the original DLL file before you edit it.

You can Fix DLL file errors instead of editing

Instead of modifying a DLL file, you can use a computer maintenance tool that will scan the file and fix any errors. Download and install Click PC Care and install it to your computer, and it will check all errors inclusive of DLL errors. The best way to avoid incorrect editing of a DLL file is to click on “Fix.” 

The X86 Assembler can do assembly-level debugging on Windows for 32-bit applications. Do not attempt to modify a DLL file with a binary editor as you will dig deeper into machine languages. It is better to read the codes generated from a compiler than having to dig into the X64 machine language.


DLL files are in the PE format, so it is an excellent point to begin with a PE editor. Editing using a PE tool allows you to change some aspects of the DLL and at least find the machine language text of the particular file. We invite you to share more information on how to edit .dll files in the comment box below.

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