Download Missing DLL Files: 4 Easy Ways to Download

Download Missing DLL Files? We’ll give you 4 Easy Ways to Download it. Open DLL File gives you four extremely easy ways to do so. Check the steps here.

Download Missing DLL Files

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What Is a DLL File in Windows? 

In Windows, DLL files are the abbreviation for Windows programs to use Dynamic Link Library, a file format that contains many codes and procedures that carry out various tasks. And DLL helps share data and resources, allowing multiple that you can use to access contents from one file at once. At times, an application does not work due to missing DLL files in Windows.

Did any of your applications fail due to missing DLL files? Don’t worry as you will know how to reclaim them by the end of this post. MiniTool data recovery is a software that will help recover and open your DLL file.

DLL Missing or Not Found Errors

When opening an application and you receive an error telling you about a missing .dll file. Errors come to your computer can come in different forms:

  • A program will not start because of a missing .dll file on your computer. To solve this error, you need to try reinstalling the program
  • Cannot find .dll. Please, reinstall the specific application.
  • An error like; This application failed to start because .dll was not found. Reinstall the app to fix the issue

Why are missing DLL errors so common on Windows 10/8/7? Let us find out why:

  1. You may accidentally delete a DLL file: You may mistakenly delete or uninstall a DLL program when cleaning a hard disk or installing a program.
  2. An Overwritten DLL File: If you install a recent application, it may overwrite an existing DLL file with an invalid or incompatible DLL file.
  3. A DLL file gets corrupted: Every time you install lousy applications, they may corrupt one or more files, and end up causing .dll errors.

DLL file errors occur due to malware infection, hardware malfunction, etc. 

Steps to Fix Missing DLL Files in Windows 7/8/10

What should you do if you can’t find DLL files? There are several possible ways to rid DLL errors. Most likely, when you find a DLL error, the first solution you will think about is downloading the missing DLL files from a website. A new download may not be the best option since most download sites may be outdated or contain malware. Do not download a DLL file but delete it and follow troubleshooting directives or suggestions to repair the DLL files issue.

Method 1: Restart Your PC

Sometimes the missing or not found DLL files is perhaps a temporary problem, And a restart of your PC may be an option. The problem.

Method 2: Reinstall the Program

If a DLL error occurs when you are using or opening a particular application, it is possible that reinstalling the missing DLL program registers the missing DLL file again. 

Method 3: Restore Deleted DLL Files from Recycle Bin

You may have accidentally deleted DLL files and not realized. As a result, you get the DLL file error. Navigate to Recycle Bin in Windows 10/8/7 and see if you find the files there.

If the files are in the recycle bin, you might see your files alongside TMP files and many others. Restore them by tapping on the Restore tab. If the missing DLL files are not in the Recycle Bin, the next course of action is to ask for help from a file recovery program. 

Method 4: Use File Recovery Software

You can use a free data recovery software to recover deleted DLL files, and they will work appropriately just like before deletion. We recommend the MiniTool Power Data Recovery Free Edition. It is persuasive, reliable, and free.

Follow the steps below to recover a missing DLL file.

The free data recovery software is a freeware that helps restore data a variety of data from different accidents — for instance, deletion, formatting, virus attack, system corruption, hard drive failure, etc. The tool will not damage the original data. Download and install the free edition of MiniTool Power Data Recovery to your computer and start the recovery of missing DLL files. 

Open the program you install by double-clicking on it. A question will pop up “Which is the appropriate feature to recover missing DLL files?

From afar glance, you may notice Removable Disk Drive and CD/DVD Drive are at fault. They assist you in recovering files from removable disks such as USB drive, SD cards, among others. 

Both This PC and Hard Disk Drive are both available for restoring missing DLL files. The former allows you to scan a partition, and the latter requires you to choose a hard disk for the scan.

Download Missing DLL Files: Conclusion

Download and use any of the above tools to help you recover any missing DLL files. You can leave a comment in the box below.

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